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[solved] Import Hands from Friends

[solved] Import Hands from Friends was created by caillouvic

1 year 2 months ago #38036

does it work if a friend sends me his Hand History for example from Pokerstars and I copy this hand history into my Pokerstars hand folder, start import on xeester to fill up the HUD with informations from players i never sat on a table?


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Replied by ngba3287 on topic [solved] Import Hands from Friends

1 year 2 months ago #38041

1st solution (import of hands in its own database):

If it's just importing the history files of a Hero (Friend/Student/Coach) that you have never crossed on the tables and that you will never cross on the tables there will be no problem.

If the Hero is likely to be crossed on the tables then you should avoid it (there will be a conflict between the Heroes),
In this case use the following solutions.

2nd solution (import of hands into another database):

Not to mix your hands with those of others,
Install Xeester in a new directory:

Start a new installation by changing the default directory (see example).

Once the new Xeester is installed you will be able to import the files of the other Heroes with it.

Note: Whether it is on your Xeester as well as on the new one,
You can check :
Options > Other... > Close the database when quitting (and Save).

3rd solution (import of a database sent by another Xeester user):

Here it's to recover totally the Xeester database of another user,
So to have the same thing that he has at home (HUD, filters, sessions, notes, etc...).

Do the same thing as for the 2nd solution,
Then replace the folder 'xeester_v2' by the one sent by the other user.

So taking the example at this place :
C:\Program NEW\Xeester\mysql\data\xeester_v2
Place the compressed folder (the other user's backup) > Extract here

You choose to replace the files.

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