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Rules and use of the forum

Rules and use of the forum was created by rivaci

6 years 10 months ago #18017
Thank you for reading this message before posing a question about this forum.

The Xeester forum is open to let us know your remarks (anomalies, remarks, evolutions) concerning the beta.

To receive an answer as soon as possible, the respect of these few rules is essential to the functioning of this forum.

Forum rules:
- Before any question, look in the user manual or in the FAQ if the answer is there
- Use the Search function of the forum to make sure that the answer to your question has not already been given
- Ask your question in the appropriate section and category
- The SMS language is banned on the forum and in general, a message with a good spelling is desirable
- Avoid the titles of the subject of the type "Urgent!", "Help me please!" and instead opt for a clear and explicit title that best describes your problem
- Do not ask several questions by thread, this will only make our support more difficult
- Be patient ! We are not robots, we will answer your questions according to our availability. So do not bother to refresh the page every 5 minutes
- Edit your first message and add the word [set] to the beginning of your subject's title as soon as you have received help. This allows us to avoid searching between all the messages to answer unanswered questions ...
- A link to your site is allowed in your signature, the addition of a banner will give rise to moderation
- The team of moderators reserves the right to ban temporarily or permanently a member in case of breach of one of these rules

If all of these points are respected, you will receive help soon enough.
Failure to follow these rules may result in moderation of your message.

Will be deleted without notice:
- Messages that do not respect the Netiquette
- Links pointing to sites of an illegal nature and those that may harm morality (sites for adults)
- Messages containing commercial advertising

Thank you for your understanding
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