Modules ergonomics

The DATA interface is composed of 4 modules :


  • Sessions
    All your Holdem and Omaha sessions
  • Hands
  • Hands analysis module
  • Stats
    Profiling module
  • Opponents
    Search and general analysis of opponents


Each module is composed of 4 areas : 


summarizes the main data results for the selected filter


2 - "DISPLAY TYPE" : on the right part of the summary area, you can select the kind of display you want to use for your data (except for Opponents)

3 - "FILTERS" is the area to select the data filter to use :


modules ergonomy filters


- A double click on the selected line opens the filter edition dialog.
- A right click on the selected displays the possible actions on this filter.

4 - "DATA"
displays the data for the selected filter.