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How to configure a poker room

In order to use the HUD and import your data, Xeester needs to detect the game history folders. These folders contain your hands logs (for more information, go to Import overview).

First of all, check that your poker client is installed on your computer..

If Xeester did not detect your poker client during installation :

- Either your settings are wrong
- Or the game history folders are not in a standard location


1. Make sure that the poker client is set to generate your game history :


  • Winamax automatically stores hand history files in My Documents\Winamax poker\accounts\[YOUR NICKNAME]\history.
  • All Ongame poker rooms automatically store hand history files in C:\Users\[Windows Username]\AppData\Local\P5\[ROOM]\handhistory or C:\Users\[Windows Username]\Local Settings\Application Data\P5\[ROOM]\handhistory (equivalent paths).
  • Peoples Poker automatically stores hand history files in C:\Users\[Windows Username]\AppData\Roaming\[ROOM]\History

2. Check the referenced folders : Checking hand history folders

3. Automatically detect : Auto detection

4. If needed, manually set the folders : Manually setting hand history folders for Xeester

If the HUD still does not work, please post a subject on our forum.

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