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HUD badges

Reminder : A badge is a visual indicator displayed on labels and profiles when all of its statictic conditions are met.

Its configuration interface is composed of 3 areas : 

huds edition badges

1 - Badges display options : 

Element Description
Badges position

You can choose where to position the badges on the profile and label (Top / Bottom / Never)

2 - Line settings : 

3 - Contents : 

A line can contain badges, which can contain statistics

A badge defines its display properties : 

huds edition badges block

A statistic
has its own constraints that must be met to validate the badge.

huds edition badges stat


Condition Description
Minimum nb cases

Number of cases under which the statistic is not relevant

Value between

Range of values in which the statistic value must be

 : you can limit the sample used for a statistic by filtering positions and starting stacks :

For more information about the data you can use in a HUD, see the statistics index.

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