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Version - March 3 - 2015

Ergonomics :
- Ability to view filters in minimalist fashion
- Easier settings and edition of the HUDs
- Hands list : wider Date column
- HUD labels : black border is removed
- Quick filters added to Sessions / Hands / Opponents modules


Evolutions :
- Statistics : added INVEST postflop, flop, turn and river
- Statistics: added Cbet turn, Cbet river and Lead flop, Lead Turn and Lead River in the "GLOBAL" context
- Sessions : new specialty filters 'Double or Nothing' and 'Steps' for tournaments
- HUD : option for displaying labels only on when mouse is over
- HUD : new empty HUD model
- Hands: new default filter "Showdowns"
- New default filters  'Recently viewed'
- Filters : new "X last hours" period filters
- Sessions : ability to open the folders containing the original history files


Corrections :
- Profiles opening with 'Active table' option enabled on the Ipoker network
- Results import for SNG Revolutions on Winamax
- Seats positions on the replayer
- Errors 'Unknown file' on tournament summaries
- Navigation problems on the 'Stats' module
- Results import on some Pokerstars tournaments
- Import of history files retrieved from the Pokerstars support system
- Labels positionning in the top left corner of the screen
- Support of Pokerstars add-ons
- Hands module and statistic details dialog : 'Unknown hands' filter
- Tournament bonuses
- '3Bet at Small Blind Raise' statistic
- Statistic details dialog waiting indefinitely

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