Links to access the TEST version,
WindowsOS : Procedure
MacOS : download and install the new version : Download

Evolutions :

V2-1116 Flag_MacOS.png MacOS > iPoker > Flag_ITALIA.png Snai poker : Folders detection + HUD activation 
V2-1118 Dynamic exchange rates (Options > Exchange rates...)
V2-1145 IPoker > Flag_ITALIA.png Sisal > CashGame : Detection of formats for 9max tables
V2-1169 iPoker > Flags_screenshot_02.png FDJ Poker (Parions Sport) > SNG > Pyramide : Automation '4-handed'
V2-1176 iPoker > Flags_screenshot_02.png FDJ Poker (Parions Sport) > SNG > Pyramide : Automation 'Step'
V2-1177 iPoker > SNG > Flags_screenshot_02.png [FR] Quitte Ou Double : Automation 'Double or Nothing'
V2-1203 User chat :
- Options > Display the chat window 
- Options > Preferences... > Show chat window at startup


V2-1204 iPoker > Flags_screenshot_02.png FDJ Poker (Parions Sport) > HUD MTT ClubPoker "Ligue Club Poker" : Automation '4-max'
V2-1211 iPoker > Flags_screenshot_02.png FDJ Poker (Parions Sport) > SNG > Classique : Automation '6-max'

Ergonomics :

V2-959 New HUD option : Hide the replayer HUD Menu
V2-1071 Replace "Session" by "Party"
V2-1077 Opponents module > New "Add a note" button
V2-1119 Remove the Alt+Q shortcut that closes the program
V2-1137 HUD >Add more font sizes
V2-1141 HUD > Notes : memorize empty lines
V2-1150 HUD Menu: Do not show lock by default (New HUD option: Hide lock padlock)
V2-1219 HUD edition: "Hide irrelevant stats" not visible on some screens

Bugs :

V2-974 Results: No results because 'Group by: empty'
V2-1086 Flag_MacOS.png MacOS : restore backup
V2-1106 Winamax > Consideration Reentry special case
V2-1120 888poker : No HUD
V2-1121 GGPoker > MTT KO > Reentry counted wrongly
V2-1146 Hands > Note > Length control (512 characters)
V2-1165 PokerStars : Do not import "Triple Draw 2-7 Lowball" > Unmanaged game
V2-1168 iPoker > Flags_screenshot_02.png FDJ Poker (Parions Sport) > SNG > Pyramide : No HUD
V2-1188 Replayer > HUD not displayed or partially displayed for "Favorite" hands
V2-1205 HUD > Menus and labels can be off the screen
V2-1206 IPoker + 888poker > Missing labels when some game types are unknown
V2-1208 Hands > Filter : "Actual stack" renamed in "Stack in bb"
V2-1210 IPoker > Flags_screenshot_02.png Betclic > SNG "A La Carte" = Variable number of participants
V2-1212 GGPoker > Spin&Gold : imported as FUN