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Version - April 26 - 2018

Evolutions :

[V2-155] - iPoker Network : MTT Multi Entries Automation Format for: Omaha Star; Starting Block; One Time; Sunday One Time; Fétiche
[V2-196] - iPoker Network : Xeester is now compatible with the Italian Room
[V2-244] - HUD options : 'Do not open the Note via the HUD'
[V2-254] - HUD : Categorize the session via the Xeester Menu
[V2-256] - PokerStars language IT : Tournament Name = Window Name
[V2-258] - PartyGaming : Gain deduction SAT
[V2-270] - HUD : diplay priority of automatic summary below the menu
[V2-280] - Evolution graphs : Removed the tooltip and created a 'Details' zone
[V2-306] - PartyGaming : MTT Reentry deduction
[V2-313] - PartyGaming : Automation of SpotPoker/FastPoker/FastForward in FastFold Specialty
[V2-318] - iPoker Network : Taking into account the Addon for MTT rebuy
[V2-322] - Automatic summary Below the menu : Added positions
[V2-323] - Automatic summary Below the menu : Added "Infinite" option for display
[V2-325] - Winamax : Automation of MTT specialty KO
[V2-326] - Improved sites detections
[V2-336] - iPoker Network : Taking into account incomplete files following the "revenges" in Heads-Up
[V2-339] - PartyGaming : CashGame incognitos import
[V2-340] - Optimized links to the website


Bugs :

[V2-40] - Disabling a site could cause a malfunction
[V2-89] - Pokerstars : CashGame Limit was imported in No Limit
[V2-67] - Creating Empty HUD or Profile had unwanted filters
[V2-77] - PokerStars : Fixed the import for some re-entry
[V2-151] - IPoker Network : 'Finish' not taken into account in the tab 'Results'
[V2-163] - CashGame : Filter by Limit malfunctioned
[V2-288] - 50/50 equity cases were not well calculated
[V2-293] - The cases of Net EV TURN Showdown were not well calculated
[V2-300] - User created bookmark was malfunctioning
[V2-308] - List : Sort by : 'Net EV / EV Diff. / Vs Hero' malfunctioned
[V2-311] - Winamax : New Nickname was not detected in some cases
[V2-315] - iPoker Network : Temporary deactivation of the automatic format for MTT "Octogone"
[V2-317] - 'xeester.log' reactivated and archived in Xeester/logs/
[V2-320] - Graph by hands was causing a performance problem
[V2-321] - Replayer HUD is again independent of the table HUD
[V2-324] - Automatic summary : Removed display [Split pot]
[V2-327] - HUD options : "Active table only" malfunctioned
[V2-328] - 25BB stat bearing was not correctly displayed
[V2-329] - Backups displayed were not correct
[V2-332] - PartyGaming : MTT "CASH BOOSTER" imported in CashGame
[V2-333] - PartyGaming : "Birthday freeroll" gain not taken into account
[V2-335] - Unibet : Adaptation to non imported files
[V2-337] - Hands List : Antes were not displayed


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