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Version - september 19 - 2022

Evolutions :

V2-1095 PokerStars > SNG 'PSPC Mega Path' : Added the 'target' to the Gain
V2-1094 Add tracker name for "Tracker" options on Winamax

Ergonomics :

V2-1107 Winamax : HUD stays in the right place if window maximized or chat open/close
V2-1105 HUD > unbridled font size for fullscreen
V2-1040 HUD > Note: Auto-save (HUD options)

Bugs :

V2-1108 Winamax : HUD grows with each new game
V2-1106 Winamax > Taking into account Reentry
V2-1103 MacOS :Wrong dates on PMU
V2-1100 (Italy) MacOS > iPoker > Sisal > CashGame : no HUD
V2-1099 Processed > Badly numbered monthly file for Winamax
V2-1092 MacOS : Need to relaunch Xeester for the import on PMU
V2-1089 PartyGaming > PMU : 'Le BOUNTY Team Pro' takes into account gain but remains incomplete
V2-1085 Publication OpenCards list/tournament does not work (Tournament name conflict)
V2-1084 PartyGaming 6max invisible HUD menu
V2-1079 Freeze since last update
V2-1078 PokerStars : Pseudo bad imported
V2-1066 PokerStars : HUD suddenly disappears from the tables (bug from PokerStars)


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