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Version - March 8 - 2018

Evolutions :

[V2-176]- Added the "Ultra thin" size for categorization
[V2-180]- Added the "%" column to evaluate the distribution (Tournament > Sessions > Results)
[V2-207]- PartyGaming : MTT taking into account Reentry
[V2-208]- Winamax : Automation of Super Turbo structure for "Deglingos"
[V2-220]- PartyGaming : Automation of Super Turbo structure for "Hyper Turbo"
[V2-227]- Addition of new ranges to filter by "Actual stack in bb"
[V2-239]- iPoker Network : Automation of the 8-handed format for the "Octogone" tournament


Bugs :

[V2-113]- M fixed in the replayer
[V2-119]- Hands Module > List : Fixed "% chance" column that sometimes displayed wrong %
[V2-141]- Replayer HUD Hero : Showing 1 hand in advance
[V2-142]- The HUD pop-up sometimes did not load up
[V2-158]- Tooltip appeared on the main screen and not on the screen that contained the table
[V2-179]- Right click on HUD stat > Did not return to stat Profile if was an empty box 
[V2-184]- Automatic summary : Correction of displayed %
[V2-195]- Tournament > Sessions > Results > Group by week malfunctioned
[V2-201]- Tournament > Sessions > List : Last hand sometimes displayed -1%
[V2-202]- Winamax : Some Reentry was not well taken into account
[V2-209]- Some HUD Options Reset (Summary display, Size of the tooltips)
[V2-226]- PartyGaming : "Mobile freeroll" was not imported
[V2-236]- Replayer : Autoplay no longer works from a moment
[V2-247]- Fixed Net EV Tooltip (Summary Area)
[V2-252]- PartyGaming : Heads-up Rakes (Hyper Turbo) fixed
[V2-253]- PokerStars.PT : Automatic detection of historical files did not work
[V2-257]- Winamax : Some erroneous files resulted in non-existent rebuy
[V2-259]- Replayer HUD : Sometimes no labels appeared
[V2-260]- Xeester in Italien : Bad interpretation of the amount of stacks
[V2-262]- Correction of "W" stat


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