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Version - November 8 - 2017


[V2-172]- PartyGaming: 7% rake automation for SNG Jackpot
[V2-181]- Improved Net EV calculation
[V2-183]- Possibility to enlarge the size of the tooltips
[V2-187]- Ability to Lock HUD Labels and Menu
[V2-193]- Improvement of the authentication system in the event of a server problem
[V2-194]- Creation of an OPEN CHIPS mode allowing access to the HIGH GAMES license per promotion periods
[V2-204]- PartyGaming: MTT Deepstack Automation of the Structure
[V2-205]- PartyGaming: MTT Turbo Automation of the Structure



[V2-126]- Net EV correction in all-in Turn cases
[V2-143]- Fixed some PreFlop stats that were malfunctioning in some cases: (STL - 3Be - 3Bs - SQZ - 2CR - CRe - CRs - 2CR - FRe - f@STL)
[V2-191]- PokerStars: Taking into account Re-entries and Automation of the Specialty
[V2-192]- PokerStars: Taking into account Re-buys + Add-on and Automation of the Specialty


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