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Version - november 16 - 2020


Evolutions :


[V2-615] - Replayer : "Publish on OpenCards


[V2-419] - Tournaments > Hands module > New info : EVchips/game


[V2-608] - RAM : Improved popup or replayer management during multitabling
[V2-611] - Winamax > CashGame > Private table : HUD activation
[V2-624] - New Option to close the Database
[V2-637] - Flags_screenshot_06.png  Flags_screenshot_03.png  Flags_screenshot_05.png  PokerStars > CashGame : Adaptation option CASHOUT
(Delete old sessions and import them again to correct CashGame CASHOUT winnings)

[V2-654] - Resizable Replayer 4K compatible
[V2-673] - Winamax > New software: Directory detection
[V2-WT] - Replayer : Twitter publication 
[V2-WT] - HUD Options > New "Rounded HUD" option

Ergonomics :

[V2-625] - Backup management: add the "Size" column

Glossary :

[V2-639] - Modification of the stat definition: Open limp/Call

Bugs :

[V2-644] - HUD "Table Hands" does not work if associated with "Start Date"
[V2-645] - PokerStars : Adaptation PokerStars HandHistory (sent by the room)
[V2-647] - Flags_screenshot_02.png  Flags_screenshot_01.png  HUD edition : "Hide irrelevant stats" sometimes not visible
[V2-651] - Stats module > Bug "Bets" tab
(To rectify the problem on the old hands, delete the old sessions and import them again)
[V2-656] - HUD > Preferred seat > "Free Placement" does not work

[V2-659] - HUD menu does not sync if "Free Placement".
[V2-660] - HUD options may not be displayed in some cases.
[V2-667] - HUD > Auto Summary : Stacked tables, brings the table on which the summary is displayed back to the foreground
[V2-WT] - Tournaments > Sessions : Multi-edition correction if Bounties
[V2-WT] - HUD Options: Minor corrections
[V2-WT] - HUD edition: Minor corrections
[V2-WT] - Replayer : "View hands" did not display the list of hands if opened from the HUD Menu.
[V2-WT] - Modules > Filters : Remember "Last search"
[V2-WT] - HUD > Replayer/Live : Dissociation of label positions

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